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Mobile Shelving

Track-mounted Compactus  | Mechanically Assisted Compactus  |

Track-mounted Compactus

High-density mobile storage systems can be specified to meet your requirements with a steel track system fitted directly to the floor. (Typically a concrete floor is required for this system.)

Mobile bases can be used with Light Duty or Medium Duty RUT shelving to suit the load application.

With only 6kg of force required to move up to 2 tonnes per mobile, a hand operated system can still be effective for installations up to three bays (2700mm) wide.

Please contact us with your requirements.

Mechanically Assisted Compactus

For larger compacting storage systems, mechanical assistance may be required to assist movement of the mobile shelving bays.
Typically a winding handle connected to a simple chain drive system is fitted to each mobile, allowing up to 12 tonnes to be moved simultaneously.

Electric mobile systems are also available.

A wide range of configurations are available. Please contact us with your requirement.


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