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G-Span Long Span Shelving

G-Span long span shelving is ideal for general storage applications including: warehouses, workshops, archive storage, shipping containers, etc. If you need garage shelving and/or shelving for your shed, then the G-span system is also the perfect solution.

60mm box section beams with an 18mm step allow beams to be easily and neatly fitted with 18mm particleboard, steel infill panels or wire mesh decks.

Uprights come pre-assembled for easy installation and have a charcoal grey powder coat finish.

Beams are height adjustable on 50mm increments.

Castor wheel base plates are available for light duty mobile shelving and packing benches.

Standard dimensions

Frame Height (mm)9002,0002,4003,000
Shelf Depth (mm)4606009001,200
Shelf Length (mm)9001,2001,5001,8002,1002,400
External Bay Length (mm)1,0401,3401,6401,9402,2402,540

Bay length is “clear entry”. Each upright adds 70mm to overall length.

Shelf OptionsAvailable Depths (mm)
Wire Mesh Decks460600900
Steel Infill Panels460600900

Rivet Long Span Shelving

Rivet shelving is a boltless shelving system – strong, economical and easy to assemble.

Bright silver zinc finish – corrosion resistant.

Rivet shelving can be used with particleboard shelves for general storage. Step beams allow a flush fit for 18mm board.

When paired with mesh decks, rivet shelving is an economical shelving system for use in cool rooms or for food storage.

A base level shelf must be fitted for strength and stability.

Adjustable feet are available for levelling on uneven surfaces.

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Standard Dimensions (Wire Mesh and Particleboard Shelving)

Post Height (mm)2,134
Shelf Length (mm)9001,2001,5001,800
Shelf Depth (mm)430570

Archive Storage Solutions

Rivet long span shelving and Maxispan long span shelving are ideal for archive box storage.

The table below is based on standard archive box dimensions:

  • 260mm H x 320mm W x 400mm D

Some archive boxes have different dimensions, so please check the dimensions of your boxes.

Our shelving storage capacities assume boxes are stored two high on each lower shelf, and one high on the top shelf. This takes into account a standard 2.4m ceiling height.

Typical archive boxes can weight up to 15kg. Please consider your OHS requirements in determining where the top shelf level can be set.

Archive Shelving Units

CapacityHeight (mm)Length (mm)Depth (mm)
21 Boxes2,1341,200430
28 Boxes2,1341,500430
35 Boxes2,1341,800430

Alternatively, use G-Span Shelving:

2,400mm H x 460mm D

RUT (Rolled Upright Type) Shelving

Known as RUT shelving due to the rolled edge that provides strength to the uprights. Also commonly referred to as BROWNBUILT shelving – Brownbuilt is a common brand for this style of shelving.

RUT shelving is often used for:

  • Office filing (level arch files etc.)
  • Medical records / manila folder records
  • Small part storage
  • Storage with parts trays or pick bins
  • General storage

All components, including shelves, are steel.

A solid back panel is generally installed so that each bay is enclosed on three sides. Cross-braced open backs are an economical option if a solid back is not required.

RUT shelving can be configured as single-sided or back-to-back shelving.

Shelves are adjustable on 25mm increments – RUT shelving is a good option where many shelf levels are required with tight spacing.

Standard Dimensions

Bay Height (mm)1,8752,175
Bay Width (mm)900
Bay Depth (mm)300400

Display Shelving

Gondola style retail display shelving – ideal for retail shelving applications and product display. Retail display shelving is typically used in: hardware stores, chemists, supermarkets and convenience stores.

Double sided shelving bays are generally used in open floor space to create browsing aisles. Single sided shelving bays are used along walls or the end of double sided runs.

Our standard G-Series display shelving is fitted with steel perforated backs which can be used with pegboard hooks for “hang sell” displays.

Adjustable steel shelves and wire baskets are available. Wire shelf fronts and dividers can also be fitted.

A range of pegboard hooks and accessories are available.

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Standard Dimensions

Frame Height (mm)1,5001,8002,100
Frame Width (mm)900
Frame Depth (mm)Single Sided (530)
(1 x 450 Base + Frame)
Double Sided (980)
(2 x 450 Bases + Frame)


Shelves & AccessoriesSize (mm)
Adjustable Shelves w/ Brackets350 x 900mm
400 x 900mm
450 x 900mm
Wire Fronts (for Shelves)900mm
Wire Dividers & Ends (for Shelves)350mm
Wire Basket w/ 130mm Front400 x 900mm
Wire Dividers (for Baskets)
Pegboard Hooks50, 76, 100, 152 & 200mm

Cool Room Shelving

Rivet shelving fitted with wire mesh decks is a strong and economical choice for cool room storage. See above RIVET SHELVING.

Where specialized cool room shelving is required, we can supply a range of sizes, types and finishes to suit, including the full range of Australian made MANTOVA™ shelving.

Please contact us for details.


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